Northern New England Paddle Boarder’s Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for Paddleboarders

Holiday Gift Guide for Cold Water Paddlers

As the crisp winter air settles over the picturesque landscapes of Northern New England, the adventurous spirits among us trade snowflakes for paddle strokes. Whether navigating the tranquil waters of Massachusetts’s serene lakes, riding the waves off Maine’s rugged coastline, or exploring the historic waterways of New Hampshire, the paddling community here thrives year-round.

As the holiday season approaches, we’ve curated a thoughtful gift-giving guide tailored to the needs and passions of paddle boarders in this picturesque region. From gear essentials like  Mustang Survival’s Minimalist Waist Belt PFD ($124.99 USD)  to cozy necessities like a Malo’o Winter Parka ($109.98 USD) or a Jetty Fireside Blanket ($80.95 USD), our selection ensures that every paddler on your list experiences the joy of the season both on and off the water.

So, dive into our Northern New England Paddle Boarder’s Holiday Gift Guide and discover the perfect presents that will make this festive season truly unforgettable for the water-loving adventurers in your life.

10 Gift Ideas for New England Paddle Boarders

As a tenth gift-giving idea, you can always get the paddle people on your list a gift card to their local surf and paddleboard shop. Below are a few shops we highly recommend.

Liquid Dreams Surf Shop
Kittery Trading Post

New Hampshire:
Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Shop
Seven Rivers Paddling
Portsmouth Paddle Co.

Cape Anne Sup + Surf

Kokatat Paddling Jacket

Kokatat Paddle Jacket

OK, we need to be honest here. We just broke down after 10+ years of winter paddling and recently purchased a Kokatat GORE-TEX paddling jacket. The only question we had was why did we wait so long! Not many of us like paddle in dry suits, but we recently got some advice to use a Farmer John wetsuit bottom underneath this paddle jacket. This move has been an instant game-changer that combines warmth and flexibility. 

It should be noted that this combo is ideal for intermediate to experienced paddlers who don’t plan to spend a lot of time in the water.

Visit Kokatat >>

The Malo’o Winter Parka

Malo'o Winter Surf Parka in Maine

We were gifted one of these amazing Winter Parkas back in 2019, and it continues to be the gift that keeps giving ultimate post-paddle and surf warmth. This eco-friendly parka is lined with recycled polyester sherpa fleece made from 100% recycled post-consumer materials, including the sleeves, to keep you cozy.

The exterior is made of waterproof and windproof recycled polyester, with two large front pockets for storage. The recycled materials are made from used water bottles and help us keep them from our oceans. The 2-way all-weather zipper makes it easy to zip up tight and keep the elements out.

Visit Malo’o >>

Jetty Fireside Blanket

Holiday Gift Idea Jetty Fireside Blanket

There’s nothing better than taking a hot shower, slipping into comfortable clothes, and stretching out on the couch after a Sunday morning paddle in the middle of the winter. Having a go-to blanket is key to making the most of your downtime. For us, the Jetty Fireside Blanket is that blanket.

Made with a 100% Cotton Twill Exterior with 100% Polyester Sherpa Liner, the Fireside Blanket is designed for maximum warmth and comfort.  This 7 ft x 6 ft Sherpa Blanket features custom Jetty flannel patterns, logo applique & embroidery, and a roll-strap carrier for easy transport on your next adventure.

Visit Jetty >>

Mustang Survival’s Minimalist Waist Belt PFD

As a club, we take safety of our paddlers very seriously. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’d feature some must-have safety-related items in our holiday gift-giving guide. And since every paddler, except for SUP surfers, is required by law to have a personal floatation device (PFD) we had to add this valuable piece of equipment to our list.

When it comes to on-water safety Mustang Survival tops our list of companies to buy from. While we could easily focus on MS’s Essential Belt Pack, we love the idea of the Minimalist Belt Pack’s design for inland paddles, like our Tuesday Night Community Paddle.

Visit Mustang Survival >>

Hala Shark High Pressure Electric SUP Pump

Inflatable paddleboards are everywhere! And, the rise in popularity is not hard to understand. For the most part, inflatable boards are easy to store, transport, and they paddle pretty well, too. One of the major drawbacks to owning an inflatable is the time and energy it takes to pump it up. Not to mention the PSI panic that runs through many paddlers’ minds when they are getting ready to hit the water.

The Hala Outdoor Master Shark High-Pressure SUP Pump is great for inflating a board quickly. The unique cooling system lets you move right from inflating your board to a friend’s board. The Shark will deflate boards as well, so you can pack up your paddleboard quickly after each use. If you have an inflatable, or you’re planning to ask Santa for one, you should consider this electric pump so you can get out on the water faster and with more confidence.

Visit OutdoorPlay for other ideas >>

Paddleboard Calf Leash 

Paddle board Calf Leash

Next to a PFD, a leash is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment all paddler boarders should have. Our preference is a coiled, calf leash which allows the paddler to move their feet more freely around the board without getting tangled up. For this gift idea, we’re going to stay brand agnostic as there are plenty of good leash options on the market like NSP North America, FCS USA, and Dakine. You can also find a good SUP leash at your local surf or paddle shop.

Malo’o Dry Bag 

Malo'o Dry Bags

There comes a time when every paddle boarder will need a good dry bag. Whether it’s to keep your post-paddle clothes warm and dry in the winter, or the go-to pack you’ll need to haul some gear for a paddle-to-camp adventure in the summer.

In addition to making an amazingly warm winter parka, our friends at Malo’o also make a pretty impressive line of dry bags. From 30 Liter day packs to their 90 Liter behemoth duffle back ideal for destination paddle and surf trips, their lineup of dry bags and coolers is solid and reasonably priced.

Check Out Malo’o Dry Bags >>

FCS Key Lock

There are two things we rarely paddle with; our cell phones and our car keys. This is a personal preference and we don’t expect to change anyone’s mind who’s comfortable bringing these items with them on a paddle. For those of you who, like us, would rather keep your keys close by your car without having to stash them in the bushes, we’d suggest checking out the FCS Keylock box.

The FCS Key Lock is a weather-protected combination lock that attaches to several points on your car. With up to 10000 combinations, it secures your keys or anything else you can fit inside so you can paddle, surf, swim, or run freely.

Check out the FCS Keylock >>

2024 Seacoast Paddleboard Club Membership

We’d be remiss if we didn’t add our annual membership to this gift-giving guide. The fact is, we’ve had more than one paddler tell us that their $50.00 annual membership is the best investment they make each year. As one of the most active (if not THE most active) paddleboard clubs in New England, Seacoast Paddleboard Club offers a gateway to year-round paddle adventures and social events. If you have any questions, please email us or give us a call at 603-498-8198.

Give the Gift of Paddling >> Join SPC

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