Editor’s Note: Seacoast Paddleboard Club’s Paddler Profile Series highlights the different personalities that make our paddling community so great! If you would like to be featured, please complete this profile.

Where Are You From (Hometown)?

New Britain, Connecticut

How long have you been paddling? How did you get started?

I moved to the NH Seacoast in 2006 and began surf lessons and ladies nights at a local NH surf shop. As my dog became increasing mischievous waiting on the beach as I surfed, I decided it was time to take her with me and try stand up paddleboarding. So in 2010 I began demo nights at another local NH surf shop and I was immediately all in. I was convinced my standard poodle would happily be the captain of my new ride!

Where is Your Favorite Place to Paddle and Why?

Since my standard poodle would always be there with me I began to explore the local NH and southern Maine estuaries. I fell in love with Kittery Maine’s ideal locations. Spruce Creek which borders Kittery and York Maine has been one of my favorite spots. Peaceful, friendly waters which became perfect for poodle swims and anchoring down.

Describe your favorite paddle boarding memory.

The maiden voyage with Pnut off Ordiorne! She jumped onboard without hesitation!

Do you have a favorite board? What is it and why do you love it?

I still have my first Bamboo fiberglass recreational board I bought in 2010 and despite the maintenance needed over the years, it’s my go to board! It’s light, 10.6 , 31 inch all around go anywhere board. I can paddle with the club, paddle with friends, tie down goods for adventures and do yoga on it!

Do you have a favorite paddle board event? What is it and why is it your favorite?

So far my favorite event is the clubs yearly fund raiser for the Portsmouth Halloween parade! I love dressing up for Halloween and was so excited to be part of this paddle and now will do it every year!

If you could take a paddling trip anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I want to paddle the waters and beaches around Thailand. I wish to paddle along the dramatic limestone cliffs and by the towering palm trees with the clear waters below!

Have you changed boards/paddles/equipment since you started? If so, why?

I added a fleet of SUP boards and an inflatable to my collection for a new SUP Yoga business I hope to get started This summer called Tides of Life SUP Yoga!

paddleboard yoga in exeter nh

Do you have any advice to new paddlers?

Buy the right board for you and your type of paddling you plan to do the most of! Please consult a professional for advice!

How long have you been a Seacoast Paddleboard Club Member? How did you first hear about SPC? Why did you join?

I joined in 2017, making my first appearance as a scary clown! I wanted to contribute to the Portsmouth Halloween Parade fund and meet folks who love to paddle!

What do you like most about SPC?

Share the passion of paddlesports with others!

How do you get involved with the community? What charities or causes do you support? Do You belong to a non-profit group?

I have been volunteering for road races since 2006 and have run many local races throughout the years. I contribute and volunteer to Yoga in Action which is a Seacoast areas teachers in action organization. I belong to the Seacoast ski club and worked my first season as a snowboard instructor at a local NH mountain. I promote community and connection!

What is your favorite non-paddle thing to do?

I equally love yoga, snowboarding , and road cycling! Hard to pick one!