Conquer the Seacoast Paddle

A Coastal Paddle for Good.

On Sunday, August 18, 2024, paddleboarders from across New England will gather at one of two launch points to participate in the
First Annual Conquer the Seacoast. As a charity paddle, this epic adventure up the New Hampshire coastline will raise support for the Surfrider Foundation’s New Hampshire Chapter.

Choose Your Paddle Adventure.

This year’s Conquer the Seacoast paddle offers two courses. The Seabrook Run is a 13+-mile trek designed for more experienced paddlers.  While The Jennesss Run, at 4 miles,  is better suited for beginner to intermediate paddlers. Regardless of which paddle you choose, both groups will finish at Pirates Cove Beach in Rye, NH.

The Seabrook Run

The Seabrook Run is for experienced paddlers who are comfortable with being on the water for an extended period, and capable of navigating open-ocean conditions and shipping lanes.
13 Miles

The Jenness Run

Just shy of 4 miles, the Jenness Run is a great option for beginner to intermediate participants who are looking for a more approachable paddle up the coast.
4 Miles

Please Read this Section for Paddle Fundraising Training Safety Requirements.

By registering for the Conquer the Seacoast Paddle, you agree to meet the following requirements.
  1. All participants are required to pay a $50 registration fee. The fee must be received before the registration closes on Sunday, July 21, 2024. In addition to registering, all paddlers must sign a paddle liability waiver.
  2.  By registering for the Conquer the Seacoast paddle, you agree to raise a minimum of $250 for the Surfrider Foundation’s New Hampshire Chapter. After registration, you will be instructed on how to create your fundraising page. 
  3. Unless you have already participated in open-ocean endurance paddles like the Molokai 2 Oahu, IOS Invitational, or The Blackburn Challenge, you will be required to attend and complete a minimum of four (4) long-distance training paddles hosted by Seacoast Paddleboard Club. The training paddles are hosted every Sunday at Pirates’ Cove Beach in Rye, NH starting June 2, 2024.
  4.  All participants must have proper paddle and safety equipment including a displacement Board (minimum length 12’.6”), a leash, a U.S. Coast Guard-approved PFD, and a marine whistle.

Do You Have a Question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take the time to review our FAQ section. The majority of the questions you’ll probably have about participating in this paddle are covered here. In the event we missed something, please contact us.

Do I need to be a member of the Seacoast Paddleboard Club (SPC) to participate in the Conquer the Seacoast Paddle?
No, you do not need to be an SPC member to participate in this event. However, non-members will be required to pay a $75 registration, whereas SPC members are only required to pay $50.00. All paddlers will need to sign a Liability Release Waiver at registration check-in.

How far do I need to paddle?
Depending on the course you sign up for, you will need to paddle between 4 miles (The Jenness Run), and 14 miles (The Seabrook Run). Regardless of the paddle, you will be required to meet the requirements outlined on this website.

How much is the registration fee?
All paddlers are required to pay a registration fee ($50.00 for SPC members/$75.00 for non-members). The money raised through registration fees helps the club manage costs associated with this event.

Are children under 18 years old allowed to participate in the Conquer the Seacoast Paddle?
Yes, children under the age of 18 are allowed to participate in our Conquer the Seacoast Paddle with a parent or guardian’s approval via a signed Liability Release Waiver.

Is this event open to all paddle craft, including kayaks?
No. The Conquer the Seacoast Paddle is specifically designed for stand-up paddleboards (SUPS), and prone paddleboards. 

Is the Conquer the Seacoast Paddle a rain-or-shine event?
Yes, however, we reserve the right to cancel this event for any reason. As a rule of thumb, we typically cancel paddles if there is any risk of thunder,  lightening, or threat of sustained winds greater than 15 mph. There is no rain date for this event.

Do I need specific equipment to participate in the Conquer the Seacoast Paddle?
Yes, we require all paddlers to use proper safety equipment (a leash, a PFD, and a marine whistle). You are also required to paddle a displacement board that is at least 12’6″ in length, or longer. If you plan to paddle a prone board, that board must be at least 12′ long.

Why do I need to attend a safety meeting before this paddle?
The safety of our paddlers is our biggest priority. Therefore, all paddlers, regardless of skill level, are required to attend a pre-paddle safety meeting. During this meeting we review specific safety information, discuss our paddle plan, and take a head count so we know exactly how many paddlers are on the water.

Are there any costume guidelines or restrictions?
Yes, in order to maintain a positive, safe, and inclusive environment for our paddle participants, the use of pyrotechnics, live flame, or smoke generators of any kind is not allowed. Any costume that “makes a mess” (i.e. pieces of costume falling off into the water) will not be allowed. Additionally, any item capable of firing projectiles will not be allowed. This includes airsoft guns, Nerf guns, water guns, BB and pellet guns, and others, as we deem inappropriate. Costumes and props must be worn and carried with no risk of injury to people or property. 

What are the categories for the costume contest?
Our judges will award first and second-place prizes to participants in the following categories: Most Original, Best Nautical/Sea life theme, Funniest, and Scariest/Spookiest. An additional award will given to the best group costume (up to 4 individuals).

Who judges this contest?
Members of the Portsmouth Halloween Parade serve as an independent panel of judges.

What You Need to Know

Where and when is the Halloween Park cleanup hosted?
We host our park cleanup at Peirce Island boat ramp. Meetup time is 10 am on the day of our Halloween Costume Paddle Contest. The cleanup is held before the main event.

Do I need to be a club member to participate in the Halloween Park cleanup?
No. Our park cleanup is open to the public.

What do I need to bring to your beach cleanup?
While we provide either a bag or bucket to collect the trash, we’d encourage you to bring your own gloves (preferably work gloves or garden gloves) and a trash picker if you own one.

Can my business sponsor your Halloween Park Cleanups?
Absolutely! We offer an exclusive monthly sponsorship to businesses that wish to sponsor a cleanup. Please contact us for more information.

Can I bring my kids to a beach cleanup?
Yes. All SPC cleanups are a family affair, so children under 18 are welcome. You will just need to sign a participation waiver.

What do you do with the trash collected during cleanups?
Our beach cleanups are conducted in partnership with Blue Ocean Society, so we weigh, record, and report everything we collect to them. The trash is properly disposed of after we remove it from the beach.

What is the Surfrider Foundation’s mission?
The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network.

When and where was the Surfrider Foundation started?
The Surfrider Foundation was started in Malibu, California in 1984 by a handful of surfers to protest threats to their local surf break at Malibu Point. The organization continued on for several years as a loose advocacy group until 1991, when the first chapters were founded.

When was the New Hampshire Chapter of Surfrider established?
The New Hampshire Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation was established in 2007.

What type of local programs does the New Hampshire Chapter offer?
The New Hampshire Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation manages a series of programs including monthly beach cleanups, water testing via the Blue Water Task Force (BWTF), Ocean Friendly Restaurants, and the Rise Against Plastics program, which is Surfrider’s education and outreach initiative designed to eliminate the impacts of plastics in the marine environment by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and advocating for solutions that reduce single-use plastics.

How can I get involved with the New Hampshire Chapter?
Anyone interested in volunteering for the Surfrider Foundation’s New Hampshire Chapter is encouraged to visit their website.